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Meet Kroy #TheAutisticEntrepreneur he has created a thriving business since the start of Covid-19! He offers 18 amazing flavors from Peach Cobbler to Garlic Parmesan, and his personal Favorite Karamel! He can serve up almost any sweet concession as a signature flavor for kid friendly events this is it ! if you want to add something special to your treat table we can help there too! Let us customize something for you today!

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The Autistic Entrepreneur

Popcorn is a universal snack it is loved by many, our favorite customer is anyone who loves Popcorn but wants to incorporate their love for other gourmet snacks while on the go.All of our Medium Flavors are color coded on purpose it makes it easier to recall your favorite flavor, or recommend one to a friend. Each bag has a little bit of heaven and colored puzzle pieces of love inside.Just like Autisum, Kroy is a Spectrum of Colors and loved the idea!!


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Candied Treats ( Not Available for shipping)


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