Meet The Popkorn Kid.... Kroy

Kroy, an 8 year Autistic Entrepreneur from Atlanta GA., who loves Popcorn. His mom started a tradition of bringing him Gourmet Popcorn from the Atlanta Falcons Games every Sunday and when Covid hit his weekly treat was over!!! He was devastate, Covid-19 had cancelled the season and her weekly attendance was over... Then one day Kroy had an " IDEA"! Challenging his mother "Let's make our own popcorn!!!" With free time between classes and evenings, Kroy and his mom set out to match unique flavors and toppings for his Korn. After many pots of BURNT POPKORN AND OF COURSE "Kroy's TASTE TESTING" ..... They got all the flavors right!!!!! And so became Kroy Korn! This Korn will leave your taste buds wondering! What's Poppin!!!!

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Our Korn isnt that Candy stuff that sticks to your teeth!! These kernels will still taste like your favorite treat with a velvety smooth taste.... If you think CANDIED KORN IS delicious JUST WAIT TILL YOU TRY THESE!!!! YOU DESERVE BETTER SNACKS!!!

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Secret Stash... Shhhhhh

Let us provide popcorn as a concession for your next event!! This isn't your average popcorn we offer gourmet popcorn in exclusive flavors like banana Pudding, Strawberry Cheesecake, peach Cobbler, red Velvet cake and more !

Take A Peek No one is looking!!!!

Wooooorld Premier.... KroyKorn Movie Trailer

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