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Our Story...

Kroykorn Gourmet Popkorn was created by Kroy an Autistic Entrepreneur with a great love of gourmet snacks. Kroy and his mom have taken the events of Covid-19 and created a thriving business that offers over 15 flavor combinations that will satisfy your taste buds! As Kroy would say he just wants to be free to create new Flavors and show other kids with disabilities you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it!! KroyKorn is currently available Online via all social platforms ( , also with your local DoorDash , as well as Amazon and as an exclusive Kiosk Pop Up in UnderGround Atlanta's Grass Roots Project. You can Find Kroy riding around the city in his Popcorn Truck looking for locations for his next big idea KROYKORN GOURMET POPKORN VENDING MACHINES that donate a portion of the proceeds to aid the research for children with Autisum. KROYKORN has recently Launched to Walmart and would love to be a part of your event. Try some today and see WHAT'S POPPIN!

He's The Boss

Kroy sits down with 85 South's Karlous Miller in the Black Market


I was excited to support this young guy. My son goes to his school and loves Kroy. He is such a sweet Kid!!!! His Popcorn is Amazing we love the Banana Puddin

Dexter's Mom

Im hooked on the Kickin Kajun all the way in Baltimore MD!! its so good!!! Good job Kroy!!!

Chelley M.

I got my Kroykorn in the UnderGround tonight and the little owner was so funny he gave my wife some Free Popkorn! He was a whole charmer!! My man Kroy the smooth operator!! Good Korn Kid!!!

Matthew & J ( Jessica) Thomas